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At the age of four, I took my first cruise with my family and have been hooked on cruising and travel ever since. My husband and I have been on more than 40 cruises on various cruise lines. Cruising on both large and small ships we have experienced moderately priced cruises as well as luxury products.

We have enjoyed our cruise trips to the Caribbean, Alaska, New England/Canada, Tahiti and the Panama Canal, to name a few.  I've also traveled to Mexico, Germany, Switzerland and Austria.  I am experienced in planning both individual and group cruises. Whether it is for yourself, family, or a class reunion, I am up to the task!

I would love the opportunity to share my passion for travel and help you plan your own dream vacation. Customer Service is a great strength of mine.  I promise to give you the best vacation planning experience possible!

As my business has grown, I have established a strong team of specialists with a diverse background of experiences. We would love the opportunity to share our passion for travel and help you plan your own dream vacation. We are experienced in planning both individual and group travel. Whether it is for yourself, family, or a class reunion, we are up to the task! We promise to give you the best vacation planning experience possible!

pkaisner@dreamvacations.com   512-607-6635

Please reach out to us at:  (855) 524-7637                        

Happy future travels to you!



Kaisner Travel, LLC


Andy Banks: In charge of planning our honeymoon in 2008, I rediscovered the thrill (and value) of cruising. That week long cruise on Crown Princess hooked my wife and I. We have become regular cruisers ever since.

After 4 or 5 cruises I started thinking of ways to be a part of the travel business with an emphasis on the ever burgeoning cruise industry. By that time, I had become somewhat of an amateur travel planner for friends and family.

So with an eye towards retirement income and current day supplemental income, I elected to join forces with the well respected Dream Vacations franchise-Kaisner Travel - to begin that pursuit.

Let me help you plan your perfect Dream Vacation!

a.banks@dreamvacations.com 813-528-8806


Gail Fino: With a background as a realtor and as an account manager I have had a lot of experience customer service, which follows through to my vacation specialist position.

A past owner of a Dream Vacation franchise – I was thrilled to join a team to share our expertise, as the world is a big place!

I love to travel and assist people with their travel needs as life is always at a busy pace, let us take on the search, I will be your one point of contact from start to finish!

g.fino@dreamvacations.com 815-477-2537


Ashley Love: I fell in the love with travel planning when I planned my destination wedding in 2008 to Jamaica. I love doing research as I plan and I love finding the best deals. Also, I have a young child so we're big Disney experts and I can help you with all of the details and special tips to make your trip magical. I know what families are looking for to have a fantastic family vacation as well as what parents are looking for to have a kids-free getaway. I'd love to work with you and help you find a dream vacation within your budget! Contact me today!

a.love@dreamvacations.com 512-766-4568


Barbara Manley: As a child, I moved around quite a bit due to my father’s career as a Navy Pilot. As an adult, I have been fortunate enough to travel to other countries and places within the United States. I believe these experiences have contributed to my love of travel. I am excited to be able to share that with others. I look forward to assisting you in obtaining the vacation of your dreams.

b.manley@dreamvacations.com 512-766-8164


Melissa Speerstra: I was born in a military hospital in Germany and took my first flight at 3 days old back to Turkey where my father was stationed. I guess you could say that travel is something I've been doing almost literally since birth.

I have always loved immersing myself in other cultures and learning what life is like as a local. Even when my husband and I vacation to all inclusive resorts, we always take time out to visit the local culture and eat the food and drink the local beverages (my favorite being the wine).

My bucket list trips are: New Zealand, Japan and Vietnam.

I have had the pleasure of helping clients plan their dream vacations all over the world, with one of my specialties being Europe. I'd love to help you with your next trip of a lifetime!

m.speerstra@dreamvacations.com 512-287-9300

Kaisner Travel, LLC

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